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If your looking for something specific, you can find a listing of all of our products in the right hand column. If you would rather browse our products, pick a category on the right and stay awhile!
Here is a list of all the products in our store
Blue Booda Bath Crystals
Our Bath Crystals add enchantment and total relaxtion qualities to any bath. -- $ 6.50
Blue Booda Bath Tea
Sometimes it can take more than just one cup of tea to eliminate a crazy day, so why not try a whole tub full! -- $ 4.50
Blue Booda Beeswax Moisturizing Cream
Blue Booda Beeswax Moisturizing cream nourishes your skin from the outside in. -- $ 9.50
Blue Booda Body Spray
No shower or hot day would be complete without the cooling mist of one of Blue Booda Body Spray! -- $ 6.50
Blue Booda Calming Clay Bar
Blue Booda Calming Clay Bar gives pores a little TLC! -- $ 6.00
Blue Booda Cocoa Butter Body Moisturizer
Our ultra rich cocoa butter body moisturizer will make you feel silky smooth. -- $ 8.50
Blue Booda Cuticle Calmer
Blue Booda has just the remedy for those dry and tired cuticles. -- $ 4.50
Blue Booda Expression Bars
Whatever mood you are feeling, Blue Booda has a soap to express it! -- $ 5.50
Blue Booda Foot File
Use the Blue Booda Foot File to smooth and relieve you feet. -- $ 4.00
Blue Booda Funky Foot Roller
A foot massage anytime you want it? It is possible with the Blue Booda Foot Roller -- $ 10.50
Blue Booda Healing Salve
Our healing hand salve is great for you lips, hands, and feet.! -- $ 3.00
Blue Booda Lettuce Complexion Bar
Our lettuce complexion bar will ease tired overworked skin. -- $ 5.00
Blue Booda Lip Love Tubes
Our famous lip love in generous one-third ounce tubes. -- $ 6.00
Blue Booda Lip Love
This is the product that started the Blue Booda Revolution. Love them or Lose them! -- $ 6.00
Blue Booda Loofah Love Body Scrub
Blue Booda Loofah Love will get you super smooth, and deliciously clean. -- $ 10.00
Blue Booda Massage Roller
This wooden roller will relax tense muscles and make your body say thank you. Fun for one or two! -- $ 12.50
Blue Booda Milk and Honey Complexion Bar
Our milk and honey complexion bar will nourish your skin outside in. -- $ 5.00
Blue Booda Natural Loofah Sponge
Finally you can use a loofah sponge that isn't the size of a roll of french bread! -- $ 4.50
Blue Booda Natural Sea Kelp Shampoo Bar
Our famous natural sea kelp shampoo in a bar from! -- $ 7.50
Blue Booda Natural Sea Kelp Shampoo
Blue Booda Natural Sea Kelp Shampoo will keep your mane in tip top shape and smelling great! -- $ 11.50
Blue Booda Oatmeal Cookie Scrub
Cookie season is around the corner. Get started early with our oatmeal cookie scrub. -- $ 13.50
Blue Booda Red Clay Facial Bar
Our red clay facial bar will have those oily breakouts banished in a flash. -- $ 4.00
Blue Booda Shower Gel
Get squeeky clean with the Blue Booda! -- $ 8.00
Blue Booda Soap Saver
Our wooden soap savers will add style to your space, and save your soap. -- $ 6.50
Blue Booda Soft Scent Solid Perfume
Blue Booda Solid Scents are perfect for on the go gals who like to leave their mark. Our soft solids glide on with ease and leave a long lasting feminine scent anywhere you please. -- $ 12.00
Blue Booda Stimulating Hair Brush
Give your scalp a wake up call by using a Blue Booda Stimulating Hair Brush! -- $ 10.00
Blue Booda Sun Savy Lip Love
For those of us who prefer the outdoors. Our original lip love with added sun protection. -- $ 4.00
Blue Booda Tips and Toes remedy
A super concentrated moisture treatment for hands and feet. -- $ 8.50
Blue Booda What Wrinkle? Eye Serum
Ok so there is no real way to get rid of wrinkles, but this will help! -- $ 15.00
Blue Booda Wooden Comb
Give your hair simple style with a Blue Booda fine wooden comb. -- $ 4.50
Brushed Cotton Gloves
A beauty basic to keep hands soft! -- $ 5.00
Cinnamon Stick Slice
Our cinnamon stick slices brings aroma of fall and the approaching holiday season. -- $ 4.25
Citrus Wheels
Our citrus wheels will have you turning cartwheels in no time! -- $ 5.50
Cucumber Loofah Bar
This unique bar will get you clean and scrub you smooth! -- $ 5.50
Frozen Fish
Remeber when fish sticks were hip? -- $ 5.00
Galaxy Bar
Can't find any stars to gaze at tonight? Blue Booda has just the soap for you. -- $ 5.50
Java Junkie Hand Soap
This kitchen soap will get the odors out of anything! -- $ 5.00
Java Junkie Room Deoderizer Bar
Holiday season is approaching, and so are holiday odors! -- $ 6.00
Love Me Tender
Our Love Me Tender soap will melt anyone's heart -- $ 5.50
This fun bar invigorates the mind with a noodle design. -- $ 5.50
Oatmeal Cinnamon Exfoliating Slice
Our oatmeal cinnamon slice will leave you feeling smooth and warm all over. -- $ 4.00
Retro Rave
Our Retro Rave soap adds fun and polka dots to any shower! -- $ 4.75
Very Strawberry
Strawberry lovers....we have your fix. -- $ 5.00
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Loving or losing it? Either way you still have to take good care of your mane. Check out the Blue Booda hair care line here!
Hand Repair
Love your hands, your going to need them!
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Love them or lose them!
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Save Face with Blue Booda
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Blue Booda's soaps will get you squeeky clean!
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You only have one body, take care of it!
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Everything that you need to take a great bath with Blue Booda.