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Tub Treats

Blue Booda Tub treats will make bath time more relaxing. Everything you need to take a great bath with Blue Booda
Throw a party with Blue Booda bath treats, relax in one of our Tub o' Teas, or try out any of the other yummy tub treats the Blue Booda has to offer you.
Blue Booda Bath Treats

Blue Booda Bath Crystals
Our Bath Crystals add enchantment and total relaxtion qualities to any bath.
Blue Booda Bath Tea
Sometimes it can take more than just one cup of tea to eliminate a crazy day, so why not try a whole tub full!
Blue Booda Loofah Love Body Scrub
Blue Booda Loofah Love will get you super smooth, and deliciously clean.
Blue Booda Natural Loofah Sponge
Finally you can use a loofah sponge that isn't the size of a roll of french bread!
Blue Booda Shower Gel
Get squeeky clean with the Blue Booda!